Why Gold

Gold is the only currency that has never failed in history. Only enough gold on Earth for every person to have a third of an ounce. To account for all the U.S. dollars printed, gold would have to be revalued at $15,000 per ounce. History may not always repeat but it rhymes. History shows us that in times of crisis, gold is the safest investment. Gold minted prior to 1934 is a private and anonymous investment that is also very portable.

You may be noticing a recent increase in gold interest in this country. More and more folks just like you are asking themselves “why buy gold?”. From television ads offering to buy gold from you to numerous small businesses offering the best prices on gold, the precious metal is enjoying a surge in popularity.

The reasons for this are many. If you’re thinking of investing in gold as a way of securing your future, you aren’t alone. Countless Americans are turning to this financial standard as a way to protect their finances. From hedging your current funds to simply investing in something expected to increase in value over the next several years, here are some of the main reasons to buy gold coins and other forms of gold.

1. Decline of the Dollar – With federal reserves of gold on hand to back up each dollar printed, the U.S. dollar has long been considered the international currency standard. But the amount of gold that exists to back up the dollar compared to the amount of money printed has plummeted. With inflation soaring and no end in sight, millions of dollars worth of money has been printed with no real gold supply in existence to back it up. Quite simply, a dollar isn’t worth what it once was. Gold, however, remains a realistic commodity.

2. Gold is More Popular than Ever – As the dollar plummets, the demand for gold will continue to increase steadily. More people than ever are already looking at how to invest in gold and financial vehicles focused on gold have recently been created to help adjust to this rising demand. Numerous countries such as China and Russia have driven up this demand for gold, with gold exchanges being opened in certain countries. China’s gold demand alone is expected to reach five hundred tons over the next several years. Even those in China are looking to buy gold bars like never before.

3. Supply is Dwindling – There can only be so much of a good thing, and gold is no exception. The amount of gold currently being mined each year can’t reach the global demand, and the gold recycled each year cannot completely cover the difference. And beyond this, the amount of gold coming from the world’s gold mines is expected to decrease sharply over the next several years. And bearing the law of supply and demand in mind, the value of gold should increase dramatically as available supplies shrink. So an answer to “why buy gold” may be as simple as supply and demand!

4. America’s Economy – It’s no secret that the American economy is still on shaky legs. The nation’s deficit is jaw dropping, and is currently sitting at a level usually indicative of total currency collapse in past instances. Add to that the fact that lower interest rates usually amount to higher gold values, and take a look at the nation’s current interest rates. They’re at the lowest levels in memory, meaning that gold will continue to skyrocket in value.

5. Fear – It’s hard to admit, but as international tensions mount and the world’s citizens become concerned and even frightened about the future, many shift their focus to obtaining real, substantial commodities. These tensions are at a boiling point throughout the world, and the effects are already being seen as more and more people turn away from printed paper and instead buy gold online.

Why buy gold? Because of history, that’s why! For centuries gold has been one of the world’s most precious commodities. The simple truth is that this is unlikely to change in the future. Investing in gold is investing in your future, and can bring you peace of mind in a stressful economic world.