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With the FIAT money system teetering on the cliff of collapse, nearly every investment guru on the planet has the same three words coming out of his or her mouth: “buy silver coins”. In fact, some experts are claiming that this moment may be the best time to buy silver coins and other precious metals in decades (if not centuries). Before we get into the laundry list of reasons that silver coins are such a potentially lucrative investment vehicle, it’s important to understand the current paper money crisis that we’re smack in the middle of and how it relates to buying silver coins.

Buy Silver Coins Instead of Saving Cash

Governments around the world are printing money at unprecedented levels to compensate for their ballooning operating costs and to pay off their enormous, potentially crippling debts. While this may prevent a governmental financial collapse (like the one that Greece narrowly escaped from) in the short-term, printing “funny-money” can have serious long-term consequences. That’s because paper currency isn’t on any standard, such as a gold standard ((as the US dollar used to be). Instead, we’ve all decided to trust that there is real value in all that paper sitting in our wallets. But as folks are quickly learning, paper currency is only relatively valuable, and absolutely worthless –hence the huge rush to buy silver coins.

Why Buy Silver Coins?

Silver coins (and silver in general) have a number if important benefits over other forms of investments, especially as securities, bonds and cash. In fact, there are three main reasons that more and more people are turning away from more traditional investments and cash saving and choosing instead to buy silver coins.

Firstly, silver has an inherent value that paper money and securities don’t. Why? Because silver is a limited commodity that can’t be produced from any other set of material on Earth. And like gold or oil, once the supply of silver is dried up, there will be no more silver left. That means no one will be able to produce or buy silver coins again. As you may expect, silver prices will parbolicly skyrocket at this point in time. This can’t be said of paper currencies whose value largely hinges on the word of the governments that produce them.

Most importantly, you should buy silver coins because the finite supply of silver is rapidly dwindling as demand increases. Unlike gold, which is typically only used in a handful of industries outside of jewelry, silver is a crucial material in the manufacturing of high-tech electronics, like computers, cell-phones and communications equipment. In fact, the computer that you’re using to read this article has a small but significant amount of silver inside of it. Although the amount of silver used in a single electronic product is minimal, if you consider the skyrocketing use of electronics in the industrialized and developing world, then you’ll instantly realize that silver demand is set to explode. It’s also important to note that a fair amount of the silver that has already been incorporated into electronics is buried in landfills, never to be found or used again.

Another reason to consider purchasing silver coins is the fact that the number of geologists in the silver mining field is dropping fast. Statistics show that there are more retiring precious metal geologists than students that can replace them. As silver becomes harder and harder to find, the world will need more experts, not less. If you buy silver coins now you’ll be sitting on pile of an inherently valuable, appreciating asset that others will be scouring the Earth for.

Buying Silver Coins vs. Buying Silver Bullion and Gold

You’re probably wondering why you should buy silver coins instead of other precious metal investment vehicles, like gold coins or silver bullion. Firstly, silver coins are a great way to get into precious metal investing without a massive up-front cost. That’s because silver tends to cost significantly less than gold, although this may change in the coming years. For those a bit strapped for cash but still want to take advantage of this unprecedented investment opportunity, it may be best to buy silver coins.

Importantly, if you buy silver coins you don’t have to worry about the same tax issues that often crop up from other forms of investments. There’s nothing worse than getting a 5% return on your investment and watching half of it go to Uncle Sam. Certain silver dollars, particularly the Morgan Silver dollars, are non-declarable assets – making them a perfect investment for those worries about their tax liabilities.

Even better, silver coins are an inherently diverse investment in a small, convenient package. Because they contain large amounts of silver (up to 90%), their price follows the overall price of silver. Even better, if you buy silver coins, you also have a collector’s item on your hand. Rare forms of silver coins have a value that goes beyond the raw material that they’re made out of. This kind of package investment protects you against unexpected market conditions.

Although the decision to buy silver coins is one only you can make, it’s clear that now is the time to get into the silver coin market before it’s too late.

Buy Silver Dollar, Dimes, Quarters & Coins

The Value of Silver Dollar Coins

Inflation is a major problem in America, and silver can help you protect and secure your wealth against both inflation and other economic issues.  As recently as the seventies the American dollar plummeted, losing half of its value.  During this time the value of silver skyrocketed, increasing five times its beginning amount.  As inflation rises and interest rates plummet, the silver coins value, and other precious metals generally increases by huge margins.  There are a number of ways to invest in silver, but one of the most stable and popular method is to purchase silver coins minted by the U.S. government.

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