“Wholesale Gold Group won “Hands Down” in vendor spreadsheet comparison. Especially after discovering shipping and insurance fees were included in the price. Michael’s follow-up and newsletters apprise me of market changes and I couldn’t be happier. Definitely made the right decision and pleased to report a 24% gain in 3 months.” – Dave A. Wa

“I bought Gold, and silver, from several companies over the past two years. However before I bought from Wholesale Gold Group I was overpaying. I am so happy to have found Michael MacDonald and his Wholesale Gold Group, what a relief to find people you can trust, they are there to help you and guide you. Most of all to enable you to find the best prices. Thank You.”
Kathleen F, Ca.

“I had looked at investment in precious metals for some time and had consulted Michael several times before taking the “plunge”. I had thought to “dollar cost average” my investment over 6 months but Michael indicated that all his research was showing that if was better to “go all in” at that price-point in the market. I am glad I listened to his advice because I have seen a remarkable increase in the value of my holdings in just a very short period of time. The other reason I appreciate Michael is his attentiveness to his clients after the sale by keeping us informed about new directions in the marketplace.I heartedly recommend Michael and his company to anyone considering an investment in precious metals!”
Top qualities: Personable , Expert
Joe J, CA.

“Michael is a real human welcome at my fire any time. his knowledge about gold and silver is surpassed only by his concern for his friends and family and our ability to keep it together while we weather the coming storm. I’m lucky to have him call me friend. Thanks Ray R, MO

“I only wish I had connected with Michael and Wholesale Gold Group earlier. Reasonable, if not great prices; friendly, helpful and no sales pressure tactics.”

Dave F, AK

“Michael – I’m taking this opportunity to express my appreciation for your assistance. It was nice to find someone that would answer my questions regarding how to invest in metals honestly and not dependent on what inventory you have on hand. Gold and silver are excellant to invest in, but there are many ways to do so. Thank you for giving me straight, honest answers and correct information that allowed me to decide on how to handle my investment. Plus, your prices are very competitive. Thank you.”

Don F, CA.

“I was referred to Wholesale Gold Group from a friend. Michael and his company have been extremely helpful in providing his expertise and guidance during the entire process of purchasing my precious metals. I highly recommend Wholesale Gold Group to everyone.”

David A, MA.

“Being a man led by strong Christian belief, it was important for me to make a connection that felt right and God centered. After speaking with Michael, I immediately understood that this man and his company stood on a firm foundation of faith. I feel fortunate to have found Wholesale Gold Group and will recommend them highly to my friends and family. Thanks Michael.”

John M, TN

“Michael, I want to thank Wholesale Gold Group for their help in the purchase of precious metals and the solidifying of some of my assets in these times of major currency and economic turbulence. Michael dealt personally with me and was very patient and took ample time in explaining and discussing the ins and outs of the gold and silver markets, as well as advantages and disadvantages of bullion vs. private coin investment. I received an education on metals and confirmed what I learned from Michael though my own research. They know their business and took time to ensure that all my questions were answered adequately. Michael also took the time to get to know me personally, and to discuss not only metals, but other points of current concern in the world.

Another thing that impressed me with Wholesale Gold Group was how low pressure they are in their sales. Dealing with other companies I have felt some very high pressure sale tactics, but it was just the opposite with Wholesale Gold Group. It was amazing with the amount of time that they invested in me how low pressure they were. Even after I decided to purchase, Michael locked in my price and gave me more time to think about it just so I could be certain that I was happy with the purchase, price, and product I was going to receive.

Wholesale Gold Group also has the lowest prices. I shopped around to at least four other companies, as well as visiting a local coin shop and found that Wholesale Gold Group had the lowest prices of them all (in addition to the lowest pressure to buy). I even had a salesman from another company comment to me that he did not see how the price that Wholesale Gold Group was offering me was even possible because of how low it was, but that was the price I ended up purchasing my metal at, so they truly were that low (with shipping included!!!).

After the purchase, Michael followed up to ensure the shipment came, which it did in a very timely manner. Again, the customer service was outstanding.

I am extremely happy with the service and the products that I received from Wholesale Gold Group. In all, Wholesale Gold Group is high quality, high customer service, low sales pressure and low prices.

As an aside, my metals have already appreciated in value (and I am happy to have something of real worth, not just fiat).

Thank you and God bless. May this Easter season be a wonderful one for you.”

Andrew S, Co.

“Dear Michael,
It has been a pleasure working with Michael over the past few years. Michael is an expert in precious metal investments and it has been a real honor and privilege to work with someone who has such high standards for excellence. ChristiaNet provides some Internet marketing for Wholesale Gold Group. Thank you for your continued business!”

In Christ,
Bill Cooper
CEO, ChristiaNet.com

“Thanks Michael, we were completely lost in what to invest in. The education you gave us on the silver opportunity is much appreciated. We are already up 27%! We’ll be back.”
John B, MS.