About Us

A Message From The Owner

Sometimes a business is born out of necessity. Before I founded Wholesale Gold Group I was a successful broker with national precious metals brokerage in Los Angeles when my wife and I decided we wanted to start a family. This decision turned out to be more momentous than I had initially thought…

My Two Joys

It was our desire to raise our children close to my parents and family (Francesca’s side lives in Italy) and that necessitated a move to Northern California. However, Northern California did not have any precious metal brokerages, so I decided to start my own, offering precious metals online, nation-wide and at discounted prices.

Today I have a team that I trust, respect and love working with as well as a beautiful wife and child who bless me every single day.

Now back to gold… I understand that you are bombarded with gold dealers advertising on the TV, radio who are vying for your business. If you have called more than two of these brokerages, you have probably listened to several different investment strategies. Bullion, coins, modern gold, private gold, gold-backed IRA’s, on and on… Confused? Have you also wondered about the various prices quoted for the gold these companies want to sell you? I have worked for and with the largest brokerages in the nation and helped countless frustrated first time precious-metals investors sift through their options and boil it down to the nuts and bolts.

Who we are: Wholesale Gold Group is a low overhead, high volume discount precious metals dealer that has access to the largest inventories in the nation and among the lowest commissions in the industry, meaning you pay less for your precious metals, GUARANTEED. And when it comes to selling back your investment to Wholesale Gold Group, we will pay the highest bid of the day. Period. Fast, easy and correct. Once your account is funded we ship you your order register insured directly to your door.

What To Expect: We have all gold and silver coins you receive guaranteed and authorized by the most reputable third party grading services, PCGS and NGC.  This does two things.

One, it gives you the peace of mind associated with knowing you are receiving precious metal’s worth receiving.  Two, it gives you the peace of mind associated with knowing the firm you are using can be trusted.

Thank you for visiting our website, I hope that it speaks directly to your questions and when you feel the time is right to move forward, simply give us a call. Now, I wish you an abundant year filled with love and cheer.

God bless,

Michael MacDonald, owner