The Silver Bomb- The End Of Paper Wealth Is Upon Us

A paradigm shift is now underway in how people everywhere in the world view paper money, especially the ailing US Dollar. The era of debt-based economy, which is dependent upon the creation of debt, which is leveraged with still more debt will draw to an end. The free-fall will come to a sudden stop and a hard reset of the respective values of all commodities and currencies will occur. The banks are already preparing for the paradigm shift. The “official story” of the way things are supposed to work financially has all but lost its credibility.

The entire premise of this book is that the world, particularly the western world, stands at the edge of the change of an epoch. As it has been pointed out in these pages, much of that change will be repetition of cycles that have been observable throughout human history. It will also include events that have no prior precedent and will never happen again. The decline of the western empire, with the concurrent paradigm shift away from the fiat currency based economy resembles past historical precedent. It is understandable as a discernibly cyclic phenomenon, the pieces and parts of which can be seen in prior empires and prior ages. The collapse of an experiment with paper currency followed by the re-monetization of precious metal is also nothing new.

The change that is coming that has never been seen before will be due to the global realization of the new intrinsic value of silver due to the never before seen consumption of it as an industrial metal.
It is the combined timing of this new rarity of available silver on planet Earth, with the unfolding events of the west-to-east transference of wealth, and the unfolding global return to metal as money that have set up the soon to be witnessed triggering of what has been referred to in this book as The Silver Bomb.

This book is about the prominent role silver will play in the return to metal as money. This is not a book about some predictive financial philosophy, but rather a frank, no-excuses glimpse at the current state of things, and an honest, candid, look at logical outcomes.

The prestidigitations of central banking, which have until recently been shielded from scrutiny by a cloak of pro-banking cultural bias, are laid bare within these pages. Intimidating and complex financial and historical connections, no matter how deep down the rabbit hole they first may seem to be, are plainly exposed by the application of good strong light and close inspection. Formerly unquestioned fiat currency and fractional reserve banking policies and their inevitable and historical results are brought out in the open and revealed. The truth-is-stranger-than-fiction world of manipulation of the precious metals markets is opened up so that all may see inside.

This book will make you think about where we are in history and about the future we are all facing. Most of all that it gave you some concrete ideas about how you may get positioned for the future in order to benefit from it, not be bludgeoned by it.

This book was the best thing I have read since Richard’s uncle Eric books and his Early Warning Report. I simply could not put it down. I found myself taking notes so often that you would have thought I was going to have to take a test on the material. The funny thing is, I think we are taking a test in America now. The longer it takes for us wake up and take action, the more difficult the next test is going to be. I gained a lot of knowledge from this book. The first half of the book could have been called “The history of banking” or “The financial history of the United Sates”. It made it easier to see how we got to this point. I hope many will take an interest in your ideas and prepare for the future. I’m sure those who do will share your book with those they care for. We need to be better informed so that we can choose the right leaders and recognize when we are being misled. We also need to be aware that WE are responsible for our family, not Uncle Sam. Many thanks to everyone who helped with this book.”    – M.L. Davis Entrepreneurial Investor