Why Invest In Silver

Are you one of the thousands (or perhaps millions) of people wondering “why buy silver?”. It’s becoming difficult to read a newspaper or an investment magazine without reading about the investment potential of this irreplaceable, precious and becoming scarce white metal. However, few of these articles go into the specifics of why silver is such an ideal investment, this video will open most people’s eyes to the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime. Really.

Why Buy Silver?

  • Currently there is less silver available for investors to buy than there is gold.
  • Only enough silver on Earth for every person to have one fourth of an ounce.
  • Silver is the most used metal on the planet and it can not be replaced by any other metal.
  • Silver’s the most electrically and thermally conductive, and reflective metal on the planet that has no known substitutes.
  • Past 30 years the world has used up more silver than has been mined, and today silver inventories are near all time record low levels.
  • Experts are retiring leaving a void in the mining of silver because college graduates are not getting degrees in mining and geology.

“If just 1% of Agricultural Bank of China customers buy 500 ounces of silver, that would require 1.6 billion ounces of silver! I believe the leveraged and naked existing short side concentration in silver will be blindsided by this. None of this potential new physical demand has been factored in by analysts and I expect a large and unanticipated drawdown of physical gold and silver over the next few months, ahead of the international contracts going ‘live.’ China is keen to diversify their cash holdings and is also encouraging citizens to make investments in gold and silver. The Pan Asia Gold Exchange is another step in this direction by opening up ease of access to physical gold and silver to their bank customers. This physical backed exchange is going to be a big game changer. This factor will ultimately destroy the remaining short positions in both gold and silver… In my opinion it will create a massive short squeeze.”

Rob McEwen a prominent gold entrepreneur has stated that for silver a reasonable price following a foreseeable increase in gold and using the 16:1 ratio, that “$200 is conservative.” Europacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff agreed in his statement, “I think eventually silver north of $200 with gold over $5,000 makes a lot of sense.” And Silver guru Eric Sprott, who has put his money where his mouth is by making a $1.5 billion bet on it, leaves no room for ambiguity when he says, “It’ll be the investment of this decade… it’s only the beginning of things.” The last run up in silver saw a 300% price jump from $16.00 to $48.00 per ounce. That will be nothing compared to the coming super squeeze between east and west, when the dam finally breaks and silver takes its rightful place as a truly precious commodity metal. The global silver market price will correct to potentially 10 times its present price, perhaps even more, and those who have positioned themselves in advance of that correction will see seemingly unbelievable gains from timely investments in silver. The price in silver will not be kept down forever and when the actual demand for, rarity, necessity, and therefore value of silver can no longer be hidden and the truth emerges, the greatest windfall of the ages will be realized by those who have taken advantage of this special moment in history and have bought silver.

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