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Why do people buy gold  from us? Why do we have so many repeat customers and consistently positive feedback? Because we operate differently from other dealers and place customer interests before our own. Wholesale Gold Group is committed to customer satisfaction, and we work hard on all aspects of our service to ensure this.

As your trusted dealer, Wholesale Gold Group offers you an insight into the current gold prices, future estimates, factors affecting the price, and the best price you can lock in to. We do not pressurize you into closing a deal, but present facts plainly and clearly. We give you the undivided attention you deserve, and help you make informed decisions.

There are plenty of opportunities in the current gold markets that you can capitalize on. There has never been a better time to buy gold, and while prices may seem high, they are expected to go even higher in the near future. Here’s a look at why you will never regret purchasing this yellow metal.

You Can Never Go Wrong When You Invest in Gold

The importance of investing in gold and silver cannot be emphasized enough. It perfectly balances your portfolio of stocks and bonds. It also provides a natural hedge against inflation. In the current gloomy US economy where the dollar has lost its steam, gold is the best ‘currency’ that you can own.

Gold assumes a critical role not just in a depressed economy. Historically, this asset has held its value and not plunged like other assets during volatile times. As liquid collateral, gold is hard to beat, and it has maintained this enviable status over the years. With so many things going for it, it would be unwise not to allocate at least 10% of your portfolio to physical gold, in the form of gold coins and gold bullion bars.

Get Advice on Gold Coins

Not only is Wholesale Gold Group a high-volume gold dealer offering many options in gold coins, but we also work with you to ensure that you opt for the right gold bullion or collector coins that you need. We analyze market trends and leverage our knowledge to offer you the best advice.

Gold In IRA Services

You can roll your IRA/401K into a gold IRA at zero tax or penalty at Wholesale Gold Group. We offer a wide selection of gold coins and bars for your IRA. Should you require more information about gold IRA rules or opening a gold IRA account, we provide you with the necessary assistance.

Please call us at 855-758-8922 for assistance.

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