The Advantages of Buying Govt Issued Gold Coins

Gold coins are a very profitable investment provided you have bought the right kind. In general, savvy investors prefer to invest in government issued gold coins for a variety of reasons. If you have decided to buy gold to hedge your portfolio, it is important for you to understand the advantages of buying these coins.

Standard Weights

Government issued gold coins come in standard weights which makes it easier for you to both buy and sell the asset. You can buy these coins with the smallest of budgets since they are available in sizes starting from quarter ounce. If you buy a set of coins, they come in tamper proof, sealed rolls which make it easy for you to store them for years in perfect condition. If you do need to sell them later, your buyer can immediately assure himself that they have not been modified or removed since your purchase.

Guaranteed Purity

The easiest way to buy gold coins today is to carry out the entire transaction online. However, in such transactions there is no way for you to inspect the goods before you pay for them. Government issued gold bullion coins come with a certificate of authentication that tells you exactly how much gold each coin contains and how pure that gold is. For example, the American Eagle gold coins are manufactured with 0.999 gold which means that each coin contains 999 parts of gold in every thousand.

No Craftsmanship Charges

When compared with jewelry or decorative coins, government issued gold coins can be sold without losing money towards ‘craftsmanship charges’. Although these coins may be sold at premiums, it is always possible for you to make a profit from selling these even though premiums may be lower at the time of sale.

Ready Market

Another aspect to consider is that government issued coins always have a ready market which jewelry or other forms of gold bullion may lack. The ease with which you can sell these for an excellent price also adds to their value since this makes them ideal assets to invest in. Since gold has global value and commands a good price in markets across the world, you can always get a good price for your gold coins even if gold prices are not at peak in your own country’s markets.