Swiss 20 Franc
Swiss 20 Franc

Swiss 20 Francs

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This is one of the most popular and intricately designed gold coins. Ii is also known as Swiss 20 Franc Vreneli. It was minted in Bern from 1897-1949. It consists of 90% gold.

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One side of this European gold coin depicts the figure of a Swiss woman, who was popular by the name of Vreneli. Facing left, her braided hair along with the flowers that adorn them can be seen on close inspection. You can find the words “Helvetia” etched above her head, which is why this coin is also called by the same name. On the other side of this coin, an oak branch united with ribbons can be seen, above which a Swiss shield is etched. This side shows the date and the denomination.

The Swiss 20 Franc Gold coin consists of 90% gold and was minted in Bern. These coins were minted during the period of 1897 to 1949. Thanks to the high value of these coins, they remain an excellent choice for gold bullion investors and coin collectors alike.

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