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The Morgan Silver Dollar MS63 and the Morgan Silver Dollar MS65 are popular investments worth learning more about. Our Morgan Silver Dollar collection is one of the best, and it is a wise choice to include the Morgan Silver Dollar in your investment portfolio as well.

When investing in precious metals, most people immediately think of gold as their best option.  But silver has been used as currency for nearly as long, and minted coins made of silver can be traced back thousands of years.  It is certainly a bit more affordable than gold can be, but can provide the same stability and investment returns that its more famous precious metal cousin does.  In America, one of the single most important silver coins ever minted is the Morgan Silver Dollar.  Coming into circulation in 1878, this coin has become more popular than almost any other coin on the market. Commemorative edition coins and even the famous twenty dollar gold piece are still not as popular as the Morgan Silver.

Investing in Morgan Dollars

Made from ninety percent silver, all of the original Morgan Silver Dollars were issued prior to 1933, allowing them to be considered a non-declarable asset.  In addition to not having to file a 1099 or any other form of report with the government, the infamous 1933 act of confiscating gold or perhaps silver will not apply to these coins.  In short, no matter what happens to the U.S. economy you will be able to take solace in knowing that your investment will remain in your hands and remain valuable.  There are a number of factors that determine the worth of your Morgan Silver Dollars.

The current market price of silver directly affects the value of Morgan Silver Dollars since they are made almost entirely of the precious metal.  As the price of silver rises, so will the value of your coins.  But the basic price of silver isn’t affected by many of the things that can drive up the price of your Morgan Silver Dollars.  These are collector’s items, after all, and their value can increase due to a coin’s condition or the current demand in the collector’s market for it.  Add to that the fact that these coins are in a limited supply, and the Morgan Silver Dollar values are usually much greater than the basic price of silver.

Scores of these coins were minted to help absorb the massive amounts of silver found in the Comstock Lode in the late 1800s.  But in 1918, over 270 million silver dollars were melted down to help provide relief to Great Britain during the First World War.  Obviously, this increased the scarcity of the Morgan Silver Dollar and added to its value.  Over the years since, numerous occurrences have seen newer issues of the Morgan Silver Dollar for sale.  From basic mint runs in the sixties to the occasional commemorative edition, none are quite as valuable or sought after as the original, early Morgan Silver Dollars.

Gold will certainly never lose its luster, but neither will silver.  For many, the affordability of silver makes it a more attractive investment option.  There is certainly no denying that anyone can benefit from investing in these precious metals.  Far and away the easiest and most reliable method of purchasing silver is to buy Morgan Silver Dollars.  Their value will continue to swell throughout the coming economic crisis, and can help you rest a bit easier at night.

For more information on our reasonable Morgan Silver Dollar prices, please contact us. We at Wholesale Gold Group would love the opportunity to answer your questions and tell you more about the precious metal investment opportunities. The Morgan Silver Dollar is a great way to save up for your future.




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