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Wholesale Gold Group delivers highest-quality United States numismatic gold coins and bullion products at the lowest prices GUARANTEED! & FREE Shipping Nationwide on all qualified minimum orders!  Our certified gold coins have been graded and guaranteed by NGC and PCGS, the most trusted independent coin certification agencies in the World. Please read our clients testimonials here.

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Common date US gold coins are a popular way to invest in gold privately. Referred to as “common dates,” these U.S. minted gold numismatic coins are considered scarce which lead to a “double Play” investment, meaning they go up in value due to supply and demand pressures as well as the gold weight. Of the millions of gold coins minted throughout history, the majority of them were used as currency throughout the 1800 and early 1900′s. Today, a small percentage are currently available in the investment quality we recommend.

An Option That Is More Secure Than Bullion?

An advantage over many bullion products, “common date” US gold numismatic coins are exempt from reporting and are not subject to 1099’s when you sell. (This is not tax advice. Please consult your trusted advisor) Common date US minted Gold coins are considered the double play investment in the precious metals market because they go up in value not only due to the actual gold weight but they also go up in value due to supply and demand pressures. For privacy and upside potential, I personally like the $20 St. Gaudens MS64, MS65 and MS66. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss options and strategies at 925-270-0433.

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As you see, we offer a variety of gold and silver coins, and they each have their own unique story. These old gold coins come from all over the world, as we carry Canadian Gold Coins, European Gold Coins, Swiss Gold Coins, American Gold Coins, French Gold Coins, and British Gold Coins. Our selection of gold dollar coins and gold coin pieces include rare gold coins, antique gold coins, certified gold coins, and collector gold coins like those pictured above. For more detailed information on Gold Buffalo Coins, Swiss Franc 20 Gold Coins, Liberty Gold 20 Gold Coins, Double Eagle Gold Coins, St. Gaudens Gold Coins, and the Morgan Silver Peace Silver Coins, please contact us and we would be glad to assist you. Also, please check out our book The Silver Bomb for ways to further protect and grow your wealth.

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